What's Our Story?

Hi all, we're Bhuka

We love food, people, and how the two come together – especially in places that are off the beaten track. But that magic isn’t always easy to find. Do you know the feeling like something is missing when you’re on a guided tour? We felt that, too, whether it be in Israel or abroad. We wondered where can we find a tour that is completely unbuffered, straight-in-your-face. And then we were done wondering and decided to be what we felt was missing.
We want to be that tour that you will talk about a long time after it’s done. We want to have an experience with you that is altogether crazy and fun and mind-expanding and delicious. Come see places through a completely different lens with us. Let’s go eat great food and drink beautiful wine.

Let’s go together on our unfiltered tours.

So...Who are the Tour Guides?

Thought you’d never ask. Bhuka’s guides are our number one asset: a group of professionals who know how to connect a random list of places to a story and an experience.  They are crazy about food, drink wine like they’re from Bordeaux and absolutely love people. Come and meet them.

Moni Kahlon

A psychologist, freelance journalist-writer, an amateur cook and a human-lover. I live with my family in the very south of Tel Aviv, which I’m deeply in love with (I mean the South, but also the Fam). I’m absolutely certain that the best way to a person’s heart is that one perfect bite.

Asaf Salant

I’m deeply intrigued by people, always want to eat and I love the sea - a combination that brought me to live in the heart of the Yemenite Quarter. I practice yoga and some inner peace, but on our tours I'm all about the mess.

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