Jaffa’s Jerusalem Blvd.

Tour Duration

3 Hours

Start Point

Yerushalaim Ave 15, Jaffa

End Point

Yerushalaim Ave 15, Jaffa


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This funky boulevard holds a wild mix of people that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke from your awkward uncle: “Bulgarians, Arabs, Gays and Scientologists are moving here to live together". If you find this intriguing and would like to figure out how all of this works together, and you're also into being fully suffonsified, thanks to a lot of wine and delicious Balkan food - join us on this very unfiltered tour of Jerusalem Blvd in Jaffa!

Jerusalem Blvd was once the very heart of a vibrant Arab metropolis, with its ornate, eclectic architecture, peppered with bourgeois coffee shops, scenes from sophisticated fashion magazines and art-house cinemas. The place has changed dramatically, but still hides a secret beauty. Together we will try to understand the gap between what used to exist and what stands in front of us today.

We will be doing some people watching and building admiring, some looking into the eyes of people who have been living in Jaffa all their lives and listening to their stories. And we will eat a lot of delicious food while doing so. We’ll also talk about urban development (or the lack of it), politics, and gentrification. Come walk and eat with us. You might have seen Jaffa, but not like this.

Say, Who is guiding the tour?

We thought you would not ask any more. Bhuka’s guides are our main asset: a group of professionals who can connect random places to the story and its experiences, die for food, drink wine as if they are blessed and very much like people

Talking about us

It was just excellent! Asaf made the tour feel very thorough and yet very light - a great balance between interesting content and a different and delicious culinary experience. Highly recommended.

Evyatar, 6/8/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

It was great! It is amazing to see how right in front of me, in a place I pass by every day, there are some really interesting stories, people and dishes. Asaf was wonderful and mixed history and architecture with food, people and even sports. Leaves you wanting more!

Ehud, 5/25/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

A great tour, we saw some culinary corners we’ve never seen before, went through the boulevard’s historical and social background, and had a lot of food including wine. Recommended.

Roni, 6/24/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

Warmly recommended! A food tour in a great atmosphere, full of wine and wonderful food! Our tour guide Asaf was excellent, full of knowledge about the area’s history (and what an interesting one!) and made sure our tour was pleasant and fun. A great way to spend a Friday morning!

Gal, 6/22/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

We had the tours with Asaf, it was fascinating! The atmosphere was so fun and easy-going, and most importantly: there was plenty of tasty food (some of it I’ve never known before) and a lot of wine. Highly recommended!

Niv, 5/25/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

That was a great tour! Enjoyable, fun and surprising. Very much recommended. We’re definitely joining more tours.

Zoya, 6/8/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

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