Bnei Brak

Tour Duration

3 Hours

Start Point

Harav Kook 18, Bnei Brak

End Point

Shimshon ha-Gibor St 5, Bnei Brak


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There's a wild world just a fifteen minute drive from Tel Aviv - Bnei Brak. This neighborhood is the ultimate "other" - so close, and yet it seems like there are generations separating it from the big city. It is surprising to discover how bustling, pleasant - and most importantly, delicious - this town can be at night. Bnei Brak is one of the most fascinating cities in Israel, and it has become a newly anointed culinary center, in thanks to it sixty years of food joints. If you want to taste Bnei Brak with all its flavors, you should skip the usual tours and join us on this unfiltered tour of this city.

You’ll do all of it with your eyes wide open and with a lot of wine involved. And there's no better time to do it than on a Thursday night: the city turns into a mega bazaar, with delicate-yet-potent smoked fish, turning up the "it's a Friday night" feeling with a Challah bakery that kicks you in all the five senses, and ends with a moment of silence in front of a bowl of Chulnt (a local stew).

We will try to understand what distinguishes this community from other Orthodox communities around Israel and abroad and what the differences and nuances mean within the community. Make sure you come hungry. Unfortunately, our tour in Bnei Brak is the only one which isn’t great for vegans. It is pretty awesome for vegetarians, though!

Say, Who is guiding the tour?

We thought you would not ask any more. Bhuka’s guides are our main asset: a group of professionals who can connect random places to the story and its experiences, die for food, drink wine as if they are blessed and very much like people

Talking about us

A special and different tour, that combines together a variety of dishes, interesting stories and a fascinating route. Everything is beautifully balanced, and Moni the guide is perfect and filled with good energies.


Bnei Brak

A parallel universe 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv. A truly extraordinary, tasty and full of Bnei Brak-ish charm (apparently there IS such a thing!). Thank you Asaf for an excellent and kind guidance, including a precise mix of great food, wine and words. Can’t wait for the next tour.

Ohad, 7/12/18

Bnei Brak

We had a great time! Asaf was wonderful and shared his knowledge of the place and people who live in it in such a concise way! We had a lot of awesome food and wrapped it up with Challa for Shabbat. Very recommended, great for families,not for small children.

Michal, 6/15/18

Bnei Brak

The tour was really special, easy-going, fun and of course delicious and different. Asaf is charming, fascinating and took care of all of the tiny details! We’ll join his next tours.

Albert, 6/22/18

Bnei Brak

We went to a tour in Bnei Brak guided by Asaf. It was so fun, interesting, pleasant and mind-expanding! Oh, and of course...Very satisfactory food wise! Definitely a different  sociological, anthropological and gastronomical experience, and different is good. Warmly recommended, you won’t regret it!

Nir, 7/19/18

Bnei Brak

It was so special! Moni is attracted to the diversity of the Israeli society and he spreads that feeling to everyone. The tour includes Jewish food that is authentic and fresh. Moni blends in fascinating stories from the Ultra-Orthodox world, and it shows that he picked the spots very carefully.

Ofir, 11/4/17

Bnei Brak

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