That was a great tour! Enjoyable, fun and surprising. Very much recommended. We’re definitely joining more tours.

Zoya, 6/8/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

It was so special! Moni is attracted to the diversity of the Israeli society and he spreads that feeling to everyone. The tour includes Jewish food that is authentic and fresh. Moni blends in fascinating stories from the Ultra-Orthodox world, and it shows that he picked the spots very carefully.

Ofir, 11/4/17

Bnei Brak

A wonderful experience! Moni guided us in a family tour and ended up being a part of our family. He is pleasant, interesting, professional and of course a food enthusiast. He even managed to teach our uber-foodie family a few things 😉 So in short- the strongest recommendations possible.

Rotem, 2/17/18

Hatikvah Neighborhood

Interesting stories and a mix of present and future with a little bit of history. And THE tasting! Surprising and excellent. We’ve met some interesting people and the wine hit the spot. Our children (13,16) had so much fun as well. We came back full and satisfied. Warmly recommended.

Michal, 6/29/18

Hacarmel Market

We had the tours with Asaf, it was fascinating! The atmosphere was so fun and easy-going, and most importantly: there was plenty of tasty food (some of it I’ve never known before) and a lot of wine. Highly recommended!

Niv, 5/25/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

Warmly recommended! A food tour in a great atmosphere, full of wine and wonderful food! Our tour guide Asaf was excellent, full of knowledge about the area’s history (and what an interesting one!) and made sure our tour was pleasant and fun. A great way to spend a Friday morning!

Gal, 6/22/18

Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd.

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